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Pinnacle Points
During the next seven weeks, as we share in our annual journey of Lent, we’re going to be looking at seven high points in the story of Scripture, seven summits that have decisively shaped the Christian faith and life. The inspiration for this series came from a book by Douglas Groothuis called “Philosophy In Seven Sentences.” When I read it last year, I was inspired to attempt a sermon series based on distilling the message of Scripture into seven sentences.

Now I realize that Scripture will resist our best attempts to reduce it and box it up. That is certainly not my spirit here. But even Jesus occasionally boiled Scripture's message down to its essence: “The first and greatest commandment is…" “You have neglected the weightier matters of the law…” So if you thought of the Bible as a series of mountain ranges, where would the highest peaks be?
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Wed, Feb 21, 2018
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  • Thu, Feb 22, 2018
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  •  Thursday Night Small Group Bible Study
  • Sat, Feb 24, 2018
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  • Sun, Feb 25, 2018
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  • Mon, Feb 26, 2018
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