Reading Scripture Together

During the months of February through April, our adult education program is sharing in a class titled “Reading Scripture Together.” We believe that from time to time it's profitable to engage in a thoughtful conversation about our assumptions concerning the Bible. This class is exploring questions such as “How does God communicate to us through Scripture?” and “How do we listen to Scripture together?”

Class Schedule

February 4. Talking about Scripture Together. Kindy DeLong
To listen to this class, click here

February 11. How the Bible Was Written. Chris Heard
To listen to this class, click here

February 18. Reading Stories Together

February 25. Reading Law Together

March 4. Reading Prophets Together

March 11. Reading Gospels Together

March 18. Reading Letters Together

March 25. Communal Discernment: A Biblical Example

April 1. Communal Discernment: Binding and Loosing

April 8. Reasoning Biblically Together (Part 1)

April 22. Reasoning Biblically Together (Part 2)

April 29. What Have We Learned?

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